Monday, November 14, 2011

Fall WIP Continued

Fall WIP Continued by Modernsewl
A few days ago I posted a of six men's shirts. I took time to cut them apart and then cut them in to 6" squares.   Most of the shirts were a size XL.  It is amazing how much fabric once cut apart I had to work with.  To add some variety, I decided to throw in some kona that I had in my stash and make a trip around the world quilt.   255 Blocks later, it is all sewn together waiting for backing, quilting and binding. I think I might back it in some navy flannel to make it extra cozy.

Here is a picture of Selene running around the yard while I take pictures of the quilt top.  We were having a lot of fun!   And no, nothing surprises our neighbors.   We are always taking some sort of photo. ;o)

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  1. what a fun idea for a quilt! and i really like how this one is shaping up!

    plus the picture of your daughter is just adorable. :)